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Everybody Love Everybody

Dear customers,

A new shop. A new year. A new look at our surroundings.

Back in 2009, AMiRA jewelry was just a four foot table stacked with seed beads, a box full of string, a studio apartment and a great big soul of determination. Endless craft shows later, endless hours knotting, hammering, winding, cutting, fumbling, hurting, laughing, and sighing...several times, AMiRA jewelry has become a source of nourishment for an artistic individual, for a needing family, for an inspired public, for a community of makers.  While one makes things for many reasons, the ultimate for this obsessed creator is the quest, the curiosity, and the process of learning to make through making and playing.  I'm just like my three year old daughter, really.  

Thanks for supporting my passion, my family, and my craft.


Amira Axe 

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